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Free Dining Coupon Books

Dining Coupon Books are one of the oldest and best ways to save money when dining out at local, regional and national chain restaurants. What could be a better dining benefit than being able to receive up to 3 Dining Coupon Books for FREE? That is up to a $75 value at no cost to our members!

Get Up To 3 Coupon Books For Free!
Each of the available Dining Coupon Books are high quality, full color booklets, packed with over 50 pages of valuable dining coupons to many of the most popular restaurants in each local area.

As a member, you are entitled to receive up to 3 Enjoy The City dining coupon books at no cost. Enjoy The City is a leading provider of local dining coupon books that are available for select states and local regional areas within those states. You get to choose which coupon books that you want from an available selection of over 100 editions, nationwide, that are packed with local offers to dozens of restaurants within that area.


Each of the available Enjoy The City coupon book editions are jam packed with easy to use coupons to many local area restaurants including major chain and small mom and pop local establishments, as well as additional coupon and discount offers to retail and service oriented providers. Each local area booklet features hundreds of available coupons that provide $100's in valuable coupons.


Alabama     Arizona     Arkansas     California     Connecticut     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Kansas     Kentucky     Maryland     Massachusetts     Michigan     Minnesota     Mississippi     Missouri     Nevada     New Jersey     New Mexico     New York     North Carolina     Ohio     Pennsylvania     Rhode Island     South Carolina     Tennessee     Texas     Utah     Virginia     West Virginia     Wisconsin    

- Each state features multiple, local area Coupon Booklets!

Get popular restaurant coupons for your area now with this valuable member benefit that can easily result in savings of $100's per year. These are real coupon books that are sold nationwide for between $20-$25 per booklet, plus shipping charges, but using this member benefit, up to 3 coupon books of your choice are available at no cost.

Each coupon book is packed with easy to use coupons to many restaurants in your local area that you most likely already dine at. Take your time and use the available coupons week after week.

Take advantage of this member benefit to order and receive up to 3 dining coupon books at no cost to your choice of available local areas.


Even if you don't live in one of the many available states where Enjoy The City coupon books are available, you can choose to order the dining coupon books for friends, family or other potential gift recipients that might live in or around one or more of the local areas that feature an available coupon book.


To redeem and use this valuable member benefit, simply click the "Free Dining Coupon Books" button below where you can easily view, print and complete the Free Dining Coupon Books Redemption Voucher. All you need to do is choose the coupon books that you want, up to 3 different books and send in the Free Dining Coupon Books Redemption Voucher. Each dining coupon book, up to a $25 value, is entirely free of charge, subject to a nominal shipping and handling fee. You can learn more about each of the available Enjoy The City coupon books by visiting our providers fulfillment website by clicking the button/link below where you will be to view the current listing of available Enjoy The City dining coupon books and the restaurants offering valuable coupons in each local region or simply click the other button/link to view a list of available coupon book editions in pdf format. Please note that you are only visiting our providers website to help you choose which coupon books are available for your local areas of interest. Please do not order from the provider's website.

- Click To Visit The Online Provider -City Dining Discounts
- Click To View -List of Available Cities

Special Note: The dining coupon books expire at the end of the calendar year on 12-31. Please keep this in mind when redeeming your coupon books because based upon when you redeem this benefit, you may have less than 1 full year to use the available coupons. If you redeem and order coupon books between September and December 31st you will receive coupon books valid through the end of the following year, allowing you more than 1 full year to use your included dining coupons.

This benefit is included FREE of charge with your Club Membership, subject to a nominal $3.95 shipping and handling charge per booklet. Simply click the button below to view and print the Free Dining Coupon Books Redemption Voucher. Please complete the Redemption Voucher in full and mail it in as instructed. You will receive your selected Enjoy The City coupon books within 2-3 weeks.

- Click to View and Print -Free Dining Coupon Books
Redemption Voucher

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